Jain Photo Gallery

A field of Idaho sweet corn ready to be picked on a summer morning

A field of red onions that were recently lifted and soon to be harvested.

A field of grain recently combined in Eastern Idaho.

The Jain 4-way fogger keep this apple orchard cool during the summer months.

Drip irrigated with Jain Turbo Tape every 60”. One line of drip tape will irrigate two rows of corn.

Drip irrigated corn in Idaho that is using a fraction of the water and fertilizer compared to the traditional method of sprinkler irrigation.

Apples in the Pacific Northwest being cooled with the Jain Fogger.

Inside Louis Armstrong stadium fans watch and sweat as tennis greats battle it out in the 2019 US Open.

From NYC to California, scorching heats are consistent from coast to coast.

Pre hustle and bustle on a Sunday morning, Madison Ave NYC.

10 acre plots in Southern California are prepared to grow hemp.

When Del Mar Racetrack opened in 1937, Bing Crosby was at the gate to personally greet the fans.

Bromeliads are irrigated with the preferred method, overhead sprinklers.

Arthur Ashe stadium is the largest tennis stadium in the world, seating 23,771 people.

Most corn grown in California is for cattle feed but there are still many bountiful acres of delicious sweet corn across the Central Valley.

Warm days make great sunsets across Central California.

Sunrise in a central California vineyard before a warm day.

Bell peppers in Merced County that irrigated with Chapin drip tape.

Hemp being grown with Chapin drip tape in California.

Inspecting garlic after harvest in central California.

Almonds on the ground after harvest. The nuts will be swept into rows and picked up for processing.

A common scene of drip irrigation in the Napa Valley. Drip will help this crop deliver water and nutrients directly to the plant.

Brad Holliday from JAIN standing in a field of corn that is drip irrigated with Turbo Tape. We’re holding a field day on August 29th and 30th in Parma Idaho. Stop by to learn more!

Checking the progress of this hemp crop grown in Washington. It is drip irrigated with Chapin drip tape.

A healthy crop of wine grapes in WA that are being cooled with the Jain Fogger.

JAIN has partnered with WSU-Prosser to help determine how much cooling will impact the wine grapes in the area.

A layer of mist from the JAIN Fogger will help cool this apple orchard by up to 15 degrees. This is to help reduce sunburn on the fruit and help bring more color to the apple.

A common tape application on the CA Coast with 7/8” MIL Chapin. Many growers have switched over to Thinwall tape to reduce labor, cross-contamination, and price.

A tight fit road in Amsterdam shot on what is slowly becoming obsolete, 35mm film.

An old abandoned house still stands near the Texas coast where hurricanes roll through frequently.

Motivational signs in Northern Mississippi.

Large silos sit on their sides make for great full pipes to skate.

Scooters are not the only alternative transportation these days!

Cigar City’s surround the Ybor City Historic District in Tampa, FL.

With temperatures over 95 degrees in FL, Jimmy Lannon escapes the sun by skating at night.

Peppers being irrigated with Chapin BTF drip tape in the southern San Joaquin Valley. These peppers were harvested this day but needed water to hold out during the heat.

A view inside the table grape canopy in Kern County. Kern County has over 35,000 acres of table grapes planted.

Processing tomatoes on a clear valley morning before a long hot day.

Raisin vineyard receiving irrigation during the hot summer months.

Hemp plant production in central California irrigated with Chapin BTF drip tape.

Drip irrigated cotton in western Fresno County.

Water being pumped from a well into a canal for transport to a field.

These wildflowers can create issues as they encroach farm ground.

A strawberry crop using Chapin Deluxe to grow California’s finest strawberries.

The perfect option to protect your drip investment.

Drip irrigated hops in the Treasure Valley which is near Boise, Idaho.

Still a common practice with many crops. This field will be the perfect opportunity to convert to drip irrigation.

A great way to cool your apple crop with the Jain Fogger. It creates evaporative cooling and can reduce the temps by 15 degrees.

Chapin drip tape being installed for an onion crop. The tape depth is 2 -3 inches below the soil surface.

Dylan Perry skates off a bump into a steep downhill in downtown San Diego, CA.

The Boston skyline seen through a medium format Hasselblad.

Temperatures are reaching triple digits in this almond field near Fresno, CA.

Water temps in Southern California are upwards of 72 degrees.

Amnon emitters are tested in the Fresno quality control lab.

Media filter systems use sand to filter out debris and organics in water.

The sun sets over Cardiff, CA.

An alfalfa field cut and drying out. This field is irrigated using sub-surface drip irrigation (SDI), so growers can harvest their crop and still irrigate.

Well irrigated sweet corn plants enjoying the warm central California weather.

An immature pistachio orchard with Alfalfa (just harvested) planted between the tree rows.

Prune orchard irrigated with double-line drip irrigation system. The middle of the orchard floor is planted with alfalfa harvested monthly.

The city of Wasco, California is known as the “City of Roses” because of fields just like this one. These roses are grown with Jain Irrigation drip tape.

Irrigation setup on a Central California garlic crop. This system uses Jain oval hose for water delivery to the field.

Click-tiff pressure compensating emitters used to irrigate high-value citrus nursery plants

Idaho wildflowers in bloom just outside of Rexburg, Idaho.

A field of strawberries grown with 6 MIL Chapin Deluxe drip tape.

A patch of Camas Lilies in the Idaho Camas Prairie Centennial Marsh. They are usually in bloom in the May/June months.

Lettuce grown in California with Chapin 5 MIL as a single use product that will be recycled when the lettuce is harvested.

This brand new hop yard (often referred to as baby hops) is using Amnon Emitterline to provide efficient water and fertilizer to the crop.

The St. Anthony Dunes in Idaho are always a great place to take in a sunset.

California’s official vegetable. This is a commonly drip irrigated crop that uses 7/8” 8MIL 8”sp .40GPM/100-ft.

A local lake patron eyes up his next fairway drive at Heritage Isles Golf Club in Wesley Chapel, Florida.

The Hillsborough river is a collection of small springs and tributaries that meet up to run into the Tampa bay.

Culture is rich and alive in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Oceans to mountains, Santa Barbara has it all.

The view from one of many lookouts along the Blue Ridge Parkway in the Eastern United States.

As California rain slows down and June gloom sets in, different varieties of ice plant begin to open up.

A large bromeliad farm in Vista, California is using modular sprinklers for irrigation.

Yosemite is always a great choice to visit when making a trip to California which is located only 1 ½ hours from our Fresno factory.

It’s pretty impressive to see a 60 year-old walnut grove. This grove will make way for a new planting of high density walnuts in the future.

A common scene in the Salinas Valley during the month of May.

A common 40” bed with a single line of Chapin Drip Tape for lettuce production.

With its robust 100 PSI pressure rating, large access ports for ease of loading sand, and high-uniformity backflush underdrain, Jain Media Filters are an excellent choice for any drip/micro irrigation system.

Of the 430,000 acres of corn grown in California, a majority of the acres are corn silage which is harvested for feed.

Count on a hassle-free installation with Chapin Drip Tape. The robust tensile strength make this a great option for this onion field in Ontario, Oregon.

Table grapes being irrigated with Amnon PC emitterline as the temperatures begin to rise in Central California.

Brand new irrigation system install for a future almond planting. Every system needs air release and vacuum protection, Jain APV air vents are a great choice when protecting your investment.

Young tomato transplants getting their first irrigation with Jain Cascade drip tape. The flush valve on the end of the drip tape helps growers save labor during the growing by making the lines easier to flush.

Blueberries forming on plants that have been irrigated with Amnon PC dripline. These berries will be harvested in the month of May.

Potato crop in Bakersfield, CA. Idaho is known for its potato production but Kern County in California is a leading producer.

Freshly transplanted processing tomatoes with Chapin drip tape installed 12” below for irrigation

Young almonds staked in the ground on a windy day in the western San Joaquin Valley.

These vines where under seven feet of water two weeks before this photograph of bud break.

Zinfandel grapes budding out for the season near Acampo, Ca.

Cover crops bring wonderful color to vineyards near Windsor, Ca.

A nicely pruned orchard irrigated with a double line drip system near Patterson, Ca.

A surfer heads to the water at the pier in Pismo Beach, CA during a break in rain storms.

With all the rain this year in California installing soil moisture and weather stations has become a wet business. Santino Bianchi has been installing stations for us since 2008, always tackling any challenge we give him.

Coach on kayak guiding swimmers during a cold winter swim at Aquatic Park in San Francisco, CA.

Snowshoeing on the banks of Manazanita Lake in Lassen Volcanic National Park.

Lettuce grown on 80-inch beds in the Salinas Valley.

A little bit of left over water from this wet season along the California Coast.

With 23,000 plants per acre, the ideal growing conditions would include sunny days with cool nights and moderate temperatures of 60-70 degrees. Pineapples grow best at lower elevations from sea-level to below 2,800-ft.

A drip irrigated field of lettuce in the Salinas Valley of California

Pacific Northwest is apparent in this orchard just outside of Hood River.

It’s important to always monitor your crop and check the DU (Distribution Uniformity) to ensure you are getting the most out of your drip system.

Always worth the visit to El Matador Beach near Malibu, CA.

Winter rains have provided moisture for vegetation growth on many fields across the Central Valley.

Installing pipe and saddles are some of the first steps in preparing a field for a Sub-surface Drip Irrigation system (SDI).

Wheat that will be used as livestock feed has grown well with the moisture and sun during this winter.

As fields begin to dry out after a wet winter, field work resumes on installing the infrastructure. Use Jain Cascade drip tape for irrigation this summer.

A foggy morning keeps young plants protected from the sun as they develop.

Mature almond orchard in full-bloom, enjoying the warm temperatures. Increased temperatures keep bees actively pollinating.

Almond blossoms in a young orchard. Blossom development requires adequate soil moisture and moderate temperatures to fully develop into a crop.

As winter takes hold a hydrangea takes on an amazing palette of color.

Planting of Super Hi-Density olives near Tracy, CA. Tight spacing and pruning allows for mechical harvesting of the olives that will be used for oil.

Heavy rainfall in Northern Calfornia is leaving many orchards with standing water, making field work very challenging.

Rainfall in this vineyard near Hopeland, CA totalled almost 6" in a day, breaking the record for the highest amount in recorded history.

Reflection of trees in Big Chico Creek, in the historic Bidwell Park, where The Adventures of Robin Hood starring Errol Flynn was filmed in 1938.

Hand carved fence and gate featuring apple tree and fruit.

In this photograph, Rebecca Bailey, with the Almond Board of California, is greeting a group of growers who came together to learn about the use of cover crops in orchards.

In between rain the UCLA Bruins took on the CAL Berkeley Golden Bears in Los Angeles.

Santa Barbara and the surrounding areas were recently plagued with wild fires, rebuilding is taking place but scars in the hillside remind residents of the overwhelming power of Mother Nature.

A paper light shop in St Augustine Florida sits amongst the oldest city in America.

Putting the finishing touches on a great indoor irrigation system, soon dragging hoses around will be a thing of the past.

Ramping up for playoff season the Tampa Bay Lightning own a commanding lead over the NHL by ten games.

Green wing macaws have 800 pounds of pressure in their jaws, this power is used for foraging and cracking nuts.

Freezing temperatures sweep through Southern California amidst a flurry of rain storms.

A quick stop in San Diego with the beautiful cityscape lights.

A field of lettuce in the Salinas Valley grown with Chapin drip tape.

A leaf lettuce crop on an early fall morning.

A cover crop between rows of a dormant vineyard crop.

California citrus crop will produce over 300 boxes of oranges per acre. This is a 300% increase in yield over the past 100 years.

Peaches and nectarine are beginning to bloom in California, which produce's 95% of the US crop.

A typical double line drip system for California almonds.

Orchard grass covering dormant walnuts in the winter. Above average rainfall in Central California has helped cover crops grow to their full potential.

Freshly pruned vineyard with a backdrop of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. The snowpack on this mountain range provides future irrigation during the summer months as well as a clean water supply for many communities in the Central Valley.

A prepared field waiting for the morning fog to break. This field will be planted with transplants for processing tomatoes early next month.

New blossoms on a peach orchard near the city of Reedley, CA.

Lettuce sprouts being irrigated with Chapin drip tape near Salinas CA. Drip irrigation on the California’s Central Coast allow farmers to better control and reduce inputs such as water, fertilizer, and labor in their fields.

Dormant pistachio trees getting their first irrigation of the season. It is important to check the uniformity of you irrigation system at the beginning of the season.

New drip irrigation system installed on a vineyard trellis system using Jain Irrigation Aqualine emitterline.

Vegetables grown for tissue culture testing have variables controlled in a protected and enclosed environment.

The sun sits high over the beach on a chilling 35 degree SoCal day.

Arroyos, or washes, like the ones below this bridge remain dry throughout most of the year. During the monsoon seasons the bed quickly becomes a raging river.

A solar field sits next to and supplies the Ghandi Foundation Museum with the majority of is power.

Drip irrigation is used on young mango trees at Jain Hills.

Jain Hills in Jalgoan India stretches over 2,000 acres and houses facilities ranging from food processing to solar panel manufacturing. As complex as the machines inside the buildings are, some tasks outside are still left to simpler devices.

The Kailasha is a giant monolithic rock cut temple that is isolated from the surrounding rock. It’s said more than 200 years were spent completing.

A drip irrigated vineyard along the California Coast. California wine grapes supply almost 90% of the grapes for US wine production.

A red barn situated in a sprinkler irrigated fruit orchard near Hood River, OR.

Watching the waves crash into the rocks on Sandy Beach in Hawaii.

A recent visit to the Dole Pineapple Plantation which grows pineapples on 20,000 acres on Oahu, HI.

The Taj Mahal is mainly constructed of white marble and sits on a 42 acre site near the Yamuna river.

Were you able to guess this is a pepper plant used for ground and cracked pepper? I saw this drip irrigated crop with Jain Cascade on a recent trip to India.

East Idaho had a good winter with lots of snow. This should help with increasing the water levels for next spring.

Mainline pipe ready to be installed in a mature almond orchard.

Desertscape illuminated with projectors provides a fantastic view while also saving water by using drought-tolerant plants.

Maturing specialty citrus near Reedley, CA.

Bok choy growing near Fresno, CA. Drip irrigation helps increase yield and overall field uniformity

Jain Irrigation saddle installed on a manifold pipe.

Jain Irrigation Amnon emitterline installed on a brand-new almond orchard planting after a winter rain.

Mature pistachio trees with a grass cover crop planted in-between rows. Cover crops help keep soil warmer, well drained, and helps improve overall orchard health.

Sun setting on beach near Cape Meares, Oregon.

Fall time view of the clouds in an apple orchard near Quincy, Washington.

View of young walnut trees through arches of chapter house being built at the New Clairvaux Monastery in Vina, California.

A rower out in the evening on the Williamette River near Portland, Oregon.

Two new soil moisture stations installed in a fresh planting of lettuce helping manage water applications for the shallow rooted crop. Helping keep water and nutrients in the root zone while not leaching into the regions ground water.

Sun shining through trees along a trail near Lost Lake in the Mt. Hood area of Oregon.

Panoramic view of the Columbia river flowing between Oregon and Washington states. The Columbia is a major source of water for crops growing throughout the Pacific Northwest.

The sun rises over Long Beach, CA

Wild mules in the Arizona desert use the same roads as jeeps.

Once the home rink to Tonya Harding, this ice skating rink in Portland, OR now houses a 60’ Christmas tree.

Ian Gow catches a kickflip way above this cement hip.

Ferry's arrive at the famous Market Street Promenade in the financial district of San Francisco.

Visitors can take a quick ferry ride from the Northern part of San Francisco Bay over to downtown to avoid traffic.

Jacob Brumm serves it up at the UTR California Championship in Palos Verdes, CA.

Never a bad sunset in Ventura County; especially at the pier.

A picturesque farm setting in a fruit orchard with Mt. Hood towering in the background.

There is plenty of water coming down from this 611 foot tall waterfall just 30 minutes outside of Portland, OR.

At Jain Irrigation, we love to visit our customers’ fields to check out the great crops.

Almonds in Madera, California beginning to change colors and drop their leaves.

A more common method grown under glass is to use a multi-outlet-dripper to deliver precise amounts of water to each container.

Celery is common drip irrigated crop on the California Coast. Celery for the fresh market is still typically hand-harvested.

Wheat cover crop planted on top of pre-shaped tomato beds.

Dormant wine grapes with a grass cover crop planted to protect against frost and improve soil health.

Green bell peppers on a clear central California day.

Fresh market peaches transitioning into fall.

California sweet corn grown with subsurface drip irrigation (SDI) using Jain Cascade drip tape.

Mature almond trees in the Central California Fog.

Jain Amnon emitterline efficiently irrigates a young almond orchard.

Trees near Lake Tahoe with a fresh coat of snow.

Last view of Glacier Point in Yosemite National Park before the first snows of the season.

New PVC mainlines being installed through trees of a mature almond orchard near Durham, CA.

View of young orchard under a cloud of smoke created by the historic Camp Fire in Northern California.

PVC pipe stack creating interesting geometric art piece.

Amazing fall colors blanket orchard floor new Yuba City, California.

Fall time image of Kings Creek Falls in Lassen Volcanic National Park in Northern California.

Seasonal colors pop against the dreary Autumn sky.

The sun rises above one of Santa Barbara’s beautiful beaches.

Smoke fills the Los Angeles skies after weeks of roaring Malibu fires.

A partially enclosed landscape provides a calm space between meetings.

Hemp fields in Oregon will provide valuable extracts for patients throughout the state.

Green roofs consume the Portland Oregon skyline.

The tennis courts at Cal Berkeley use a technology called PlaySight that tracks individual movements and provides stroke analysis.

California boast some wonderful vineyards with a vast array of different varieties.

A quick stop to Mussel Shoals in California to enjoy the perfect sunset.

A post-season photo of a drip irrigated vineyard pruned back for the season.

A new blueberry project in the Pacific Northwest with Amnon Emitterline to supply the water and fertilizer to the crop.

Due to a short rain season in California, experts are predicting CA cotton acres to be down by around 12%.

One study has shown that there is little yield difference in 100% ETc and 80% ETc. Drip irrigation is an excellent way to deliver water and nutrients on a consistent basis.

A field of pears irrigated with micro sprinklers in the Medford, Oregon area.

Uniform growth across an alfalfa field. Growers can maximize alfalfa quality and yield by using sub-surface drip irrigation (SDI).

Almond hull split starting in a mature orchard.

Farmer inspecting his processing tomato crop as it is being harvested.

Young pistachio orchard maximizing water use efficiency with drip irrigation.

Cotton ready for harvest. One 500 pound bale of cotton can produce up to 215 pairs of jeans.

Alfalfa bales in western Merced County, drying out moisture before being hauled to the barn.

A mature almond orchard ready for post-harvest irrigation.

View of Yosemite Falls from meadow near the historic Majestic Hotel.

Fallen leaf on bed of moss.

View of Yosemite Falls from the 4 Mile trail which takes you to the rim of the valley to Glacier Point.

The park has a number of options for quiet walks through groves of Giant Sequoia redwoods.

With views is all directions don't forget to look down. This pine cone is only a coupe of inches long barely fitting on a leaf.

Fall color fills the Awhanee Meadow.

This week’s photos were all taken at Yosemite National Park. Fall is one of the best times of the year to spend a weekend in the valley. Fall colors are wonderful and the crowds are light.

Using lines in your hardscape can help guide tree and plant locations when designing a landscape.

Landscape lighting can help accent architectural features on a house along with landscape elements.

Prior to Hurricane Michael, Spanish moss fills the oak trees along Bayshore Blvd in Tampa FL.

Petco Park falls silent as the San Diego Padres miss out on playoff opportunities again this season.

The Hill Center in Washington DC is a non-profit community outreach based out of this old Civil War hospital.

Debris sits on a low riverbank outside of Calgary Alberta.

Canola fields bloom in the distance in Medicine Hat Alberta.

Canola fields bloom in the distance in Medicine Hat Alberta.

Idaho potatoes in the flowering/blossom stage from earlier this season.

A field of drip irrigated lettuce is looking great in the Salinas Valley

A drip irrigated vineyard is getting closer to harvest. These grapes will be harvested based on their content levels of sugar and other factors depending on the type of wine produced.

A bird’s eye view of the Jain Fogger providing cooling to apple growers in Washington State. Evaporative cooling can reduce the temperature by more than 10 degrees in the summer months.

A uniform field of drip irrigated beans with the drip tape buried a few inches below the soil surface.

The Idaho fall colors are in full-effect near the Palisade Reservoir

Idaho hop acres rose 18% in 2018 to become the nation’s number 2 hop producing state.

One of the many peaceful lochs you will find all over Scotland.

From this farm near Tokavaig the ruins of Dunscaith Castle is just a short one kilometer walk.

An example of one of the many single lane roads that cover the Isle.

The village of Portree is the largest on the Isle of Skye. If you want to know what real Fish & Chips taste like this is the place to go.

The Old Man of Storr is one of the best known hikes in all of Scotland. It is located on the north of Skye in the area known as Trotternish.

Traps on pier in the town of Broadford on the East Coast of the Isle of Skye.

This week's photos feature images from a day on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. If you enjoy hiking or hill walking as they call it, you will find an endless supply of quiet paths.

With Labor Day weekend now passed Southern California prepares for some of the best weather of the year.

Blood red sap oozes from a Eucalyptus tree in Rancho Bernardo, CA.

Andrew Reynolds defies the law in a humid Tampa, FL.

Deadly jellyfish at the Audubon Aquarium in New Orleans, LA.

University of Georgia has dominated the SEC for decades, their new tennis facility sits in angst.

The Grand Isle pier casts a shadow on the beach below.

Thunderstorms build out of the southern Louisiana sky in Grand isle.

A happy grower admiring the uniformity of his lettuce crop.

These drip irrigated onions are 3-4 weeks away from harvest.

A different perspective of the Golden Gate Bridge.

It’s important to check pressure in your drip line to make sure you are operating within the correct pressure range. We recommend staying close to 10PSI.

Did you know that you can cool your apple orchard by 10-15 degrees with a Jain Fogger?

A single drip line of Chapin drip tape providing water and nutrients to a celery crop.

Early morning sunrises are the best in the Salinas Valley. This is a broccoli field drip irrigated with Chapin drip tape.

A JAIN Solo station going in at a vineyard in the Paso Robles area of the central coast. Site will measure line pressure and soil moisture and temperature every four inches to a depth of four feet.

This is a sad example of the impact of water shortages in Califorina. This kiwi vineyard sacrificed to use water for other crops.

Using the JAIN Solo in celery keeps the telmetry low to the ground and out of the way of field equipment. This site was installed by a local field crew in under 5 minutes. Once the probe and pressure sensor are install the site transmits it's GPS location to the server. The simple installation process is a big time saver with the sites being moved every couple of months.

Almost haverst time for bunches of home grown table grapes.

Setting up a distribution uniformity test in the field to measure how consistent flows are from dripper to dripper with drip tape. Understanding how evenly water is distributed across the field in very important to assure water is delivered effectively to all areas.

Grower checking field of lettuce irrigated with JAIN drip tape in the Salinas Valley.

When using drip tape an even wetting pattern is very important. When plants are young it is easy to spot issues with wetting patterns, you can see in this image across the field water is being applied very evenly to all plants.

This crop is grown with drip irrigation where the tape is placed 8” below the soil surface. A 7/8” 13MIL Cascade product is a great option for this crop.

The quintessential picture of the original American homestead.

Capturing the true essence of an Idaho Cowboy and his best friend.

Washington apple production is expected to drop by 2% this year. Most of the apples are gown with drip and micro irrigation to maximize their yield potential.

Did you know that California sunflowers are a common rotation crop for processing tomatoes in the Sacramento Valley? California sunflowers account for 2% of the sunflower acreage grown in the U.S.

This potato crop in Eastern Idaho is in the blooming stage which is a good indication the crop is almost ready for harvest.

These onions are grown with Chapin drip tape and are weeks away from harvest.

This giant estate has been converted into a Masonic Hospital for patients that suffer from dementia.

The Topiary Park in Ohio boasts a garden with bushes carved to resemble a Seurat painting.

Throughout the 70’s and early 80’s skateparks like this were built to help promote alternative forms of exercise for kids.

Another view of the Scioto on a very hot summer day in Columbus OH.

The Mad River is a great escape from the heat for the Buckeye State residents.

Over July 4th weekend temperatures in San Diego were upwards of 95 degrees.

A biker overlooks the Scioto River in downtown Columbus OH.

The success of an onion crop depends on a quality drip irrigation system. Many growers trust Turbo Tape from Jain Irrigation to deliver excellent results.

Potatoes that are almost ready for row-closure – these will be harvested in October 2018.

Early morning sunrises just outside of Jackson Wyoming are spectacular. This barn has been around since the early 1900’s with the Grand Tetons in its shadow.

There are over 300K acres of Idaho potatoes planted each year.

The 1st cutting of alfalfa hay in Eastern Idaho – round hay bales are a spectacular sight!

Double line drip is a common irrigation application to maximize water-use-efficiency.

Allan Mark uses Turbo Tape for his drip onions to supply the exact amount of water and fertilizer to his crop.

DeHaviland Otter floatplanes coming in to pick up guest for a fligth back to Juneau Alaska after lunch at the Taku Glacier Lodge. Return flight gives you a birdseye view of five area glaciers.

View from the back deck of cruise ship of the 21 mile long Margerie Glacier in Glacier Bay National Park.

Lunch break on the summit of Brokeoff Mountain (9236') with a view of Lassen Peak (10,463') in the background.

Runner on trail around Lagoon Valley near Vacaville California.

Walking around the quiet streets of Haines Alaska photographing totems. Haines is a jewel of a town in the Northern Passage the busy world outside has missed.

The 4 mile round trip Pipiwai Trail takes you through a mystical bamboo forest on the way to the 400' high Waimoku Falls. Trail is right off the Road to Hana on the island of Maui.

With summer just around the corner it's time to get outdoors. Following are a number of images highlighting summer and amazing places waiting to be visited.

Over 1700 acres of land has been donated by a local land owner to allow wildlife to thrive in Houma Louisiana.

Shrimping ships line the canals of the Louisiana bayou.

Row boaters enjoy the warm Central Park weather while rowing about in The Lake.

While Americans enjoy the great summer weather, so do the Greeks!

Central Park is full of giant bedrock protruding the ground. This bedrock is one of the main reasons Manhattan skyscrapers are able to extend so high in the air.

The view from the corner of 62nd St and 1st Ave in New York City, New York.

Planting tomato transplants in the Central Valley of California

Center pivot technology on small grain production in Idaho

Old barns remind us of the history and legacy of US farms and ranches.

Tree fruit irrigated with a Jain 2002 micro sprinkler.

Capturing the Grand Tetons from the Idaho side on an evening hike.

See the contrast in the zone change from a 12 hour irrigation set to a 3 hour set.

An out-of-control dandelion field in East Idaho.

Hiking the Coastal Trail near Muir Woods North of San Francisco.

Cypress tree tunnel leading to the Historic KPH Maritime Radio Receiving Station near Inverness dating back to 1913.

Heavy canopy in a table grape vineyard near Bakersfield. Precision irrigation and nutrient management are key factors in growing table grapes with drip irrigation being the standard.

Dairy cows or "Happy Cows", as we say in California at a farm in the Point Reyes National Seashore.

Shoreline trail in Pacific Grove.

A bunch of grapes vines grown at Duarte Nursery in Turlock soon to be a vineyard producing wine somewhere in Califonia.

This week's photos have a focus on the beauty of the California coastline with a couple grapes thrown in. This first image is a blooming thistle in Point Reyes National Seashore.

A uniform stand of drip irrigated onions with Turbo Tape.

It’s important to flush the drip line as often as necessary. In many cases, this is done every 1-2 weeks.

A typical drip tape connection to lay flat hose.

Before they are strawberry plants in Florida or California, they start here under these tunnels.

Preparing the ground for the next crop.

Chapin drip tape being installed for strawberry rootstock.

A walk to the Bay Bridge while visiting San Francisco

Busy work has started in grape vineyards of the Central Coast areas of California.

Only a few steps from the road, this boulder is about twenty feet tall.

A tractor working a field early in the morning near Bakersfield California.

These boulders are each the size of a small house.

One almond variety out of 30 different varieties in a 15 year trial at the Salida Teaching and Research Farm.

After heavy frost events this winter the almond crop better than expected.

American artist Chris Deacon uses a Dremel tool and colored stains to carve and color pieces into sought after artwork.

Temperatures are back in the 90’s in Tampa Florida and perfect for skateboarding.

A black and white print of the sun setting over Lake Tahoe.

A beautiful government building in Madrid Spain.

Outside the Walker Art Gallery in Minneapolis Minnesota sits the Spoonbridge and Cherry sculpture weighing in at approximately 7000 lbs..

Oscar Wilde and Jim Morrison are among Frederic Chopin’s neighbors in this Paris cemetery.

Low tide and sunsets in Cardiff California.

It’s always a great day to hike in Zion National Park

What a great shot a of a drip irrigated vineyard in Cuyama, CA

This farm is planting tomato transplants above the buried drip system.

The mandarin citrus harvest is underway. Consider double- line drip or micro-irrigation for best results.

Great uniform wetting patterns in double-line drip for almonds.

Newly planted citrus trees in Kern County.

Young asparagus shoots making an entrance in the spring season. It has a harvest range between 8 – 12 weeks. Managing the water is critical for optimal growth.

Pistachio trees are watered with JAIN Jet sprinklers outside of Fresno California.

Pallets of green peppers are cleaned and ready for processing at the Jain Farm Fresh facility in Merced California.

Parts of the Mississippi River are frozen over on the Iowa and Wisconsin border.

The Quebec Conference of 1943 was held at the Château Frontenac with Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt discussing strategy for World War II.

Founded in 1608 by Samuel de Champlain, Quebec City is one of the oldest cities in North America.

The Chateau Frontenac is generally recognized as the most photographed hotel in the world, largely for its prominence in the skyline of Quebec City.

While most of the US buckles through winter storms, San Diego maintains a mild 60 degrees in between gentle rain showers.

Early morning sunrises in Yosemite Valley

Drip irrigated wine grapes near the Columbia River in Washington.

Sub-Surface drip irrigation is an excellent way to irrigation processing tomato transplants.

The Jain Eliminator Sprinkler will help reduce insects from damaging the sprinkler while providing excellent sprinkler coverage.

A healthy crop of lettuce irrigated with drip irrigation.

A uniform crop of almonds which is irrigated with the Jain Jet.

Swinging Bridge and Yosemite Falls.

The last almond blossom after bloom in an orchard near the Sutter Buttes in Northern California.

Grower in the Rouge River area of Southern Oregon installing a soil moisture probe and weather station to improve their irrigation decisions.

Strawberry plant after harvest in Northern California.

Spencer Cooper with the California Almond Board inspecting almonds for frost damage after record low temperatures. Grower has added a second irrigation line with jets for frost protection to their drip system.

Early spring in vineyard with cover crop growing. If you look close you can see the drip irrigation lines hanging from the trellis wire.

Storm clearing over an almond orchard near Oakdale California.

Wrapping up harvest of drip irrigated processing tomatoes in California from last fall.

The almonds in February show their white and pink blossoms in preparation for a great pollination.

A quick hike up to Bridalveil Falls in Yosemite California – hoping for a wet spring season.

The beginning preparations of 600 acres of blueberries irrigated with Amnon from Jain Irrigation

There is still plenty of snow in East Idaho which will supply a lot of the water for the next growing season.

The Jain Jet is a great option to supply water at a high efficiency rate.

Almond Bloom is in full swing in CA. A great irrigation system can help supply water and nutrients to the crop and also aid in frost protection.

Getting a walnut orchard ready for another year of production.

Growing new strawberry plants using drip tape for irrigation that will later be transplanted for berry production.

Margerie Glacier in Glacier Bay National Park - The glacier is over a mile wide at the point and extends 21 miles upstream to its source.

Apples budding out for another season of production near Quincy, WA.

Installing a soil moisture monitoring site at the time of planting helps guarantee growing a great tree from the start.

Outdoor plants are watered from rainfall collected off the library and stored in a 40,000 gallon tank below ground. Seattle Public Library, Seattle WA.

A Seattle optics store retails eyeglasses.

Originally a fortress in the medieval period, the Louvre became a royal palace in the fourteenth century under Charles V.

Hot tubing resin is cooled before being coiled at the JAIN extrusion facility in Haines City, FL.

With an overall height of 175 feet, the Seattle Great Wheel was the tallest Ferris wheel on the West Coast of the United States when it opened on June 29, 2012.

A view of downtown Boston from the top of a Cambridge hotel.

Recently placed native landscaping surround a pond feature at a commercial plaza in Del Mar, CA.

Drip Irrigated Lettuce In Salinas, CA

The Columbia Gorge never disappoints with its spectacular views!

Using an Observant system to help predict the next irrigation will make these cherries “sweet”!

Some of the best pineapples are grown in Hawaii – we love being a part of the growing process!

The Jain Jet providing a shot of water to help ensure a great blossom.

Water flows over the Palouse Falls are looking excellent as we anticipate our next growing season.

Managing a lettuce crop requires precise irrigation practices to ensure the highest yields possible.

Southern states like Georgia have seen snow and record highs all in the same winter.

A greenhouse soaks up the winter sky in Hershey Pennsylvania.

Tree colors change to produce a spectrum of reds, yellows and greens at The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park NY.

This chapel on the campus of Martha Berry College in Rome GA is more than 150 years old.

Southern California snowmelt levels are incredibly low but some slopes have managed to see a little bit of precipitation.

Plants are tested in different soil types to see which species adapt to the local microclimate. Plants that thrive will be used throughout a future vineyard resort expansion.

Chateau Perous resides in the south of France and houses a garden of over 2,000 species of plants.

This lake at 11,600’ in the High Sierra of California helps provide the water needed to grow crops with drip and micro irrigation systems in the Central Valley.

A new apple planting involves a lot of parts. Storage reservoir for water, drip and overhead irrigation, trellis to produce a fruiting wall and fans for frost protection.

California’s Santa Cruz Boardwalk.

Five generations for farmers have been growing apples in Central Washington since the late 1800’s.

Every year it takes approximately 2.6 million hives with 30,000-60,000 bees each to pollinate California’s almonds.

Each year almond blossoms bring the Central Valley a wonderful gift of beauty. Protecting blossoms from frost early in the season is a primary concern for growers who look to JAIN irrigation systems to provide frost protection.

Vernal Falls in Yosemite Valley provides an amazing view as water heads out the the Central Valley of California to help irrigate the crops we enjoy ever day.

A field of lettuce in Yuma, Arizona almost ready for harvest.

A 3 mile round trip hike up the “Mist Trail” to Vernal Falls – the water was flowing less than normal with the warm summer.

Pistachios that are a few weeks away from maturity and will be ready for harvest.

A hole puncher wheel moving through the field preparing the beds for strawberry planting.

An Idaho sunset with a field of dandelions that has gone to seed. The dried petals will fall or get carried away by the wind.

A vineyard crop along the 101 Hwy near Santa Maria, CA

A lettuce crop with sprinkler irrigation. Consider the Solo Unit from Jain Monitoring to help measure and schedule irrigation events for optimal crop yield and water-use-efficiency.

Crystal clear water is stored from ice melt in the Swiss Alps outside of Interlaken Switzerland.

TJ Sparks dodges some Florida winter time humidity and a loading dock bar outside of Tampa.

The London Eye is a giant Ferris wheel on the South Bank of the River Thames in London, when first opened to the public in 2000 it was the world's tallest Ferris wheel.

Built in 1364 the Palais des Papes in Avignon, France once represented a second Vatican.

Irrigating slopes can be quite challenging when managing water, improper run times can create wasteful runoff. In this lateral grid design the installer applies water consistently helping to create a layer of ground cover in a short amount of time.

Now covered in a Scottish haze, Carnoustie is a course played by visitors from around the world in Summer.

Groomed hedges line walkways of this Madrid estate.

Hiking up Smith Rock near Bend, Oregon

Overlooking the fall colors of Serra Vineyards in Applegate, Oregon

Evening row on the Williamette River in Portland, Oregon.

Trail above Multnomah Falls in the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon.

View of Punch Bowl Falls in the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon.

Pumping water in rice field of Butte County, California.

Hiker on the Tamanawas Falls Trail near Mt. Hood, Oregon.

A winter wheat field (Planted in the fall and harvested in the spring) received its first light snow in Eastern Idaho.

Alfalfa being irrigated in Rexburg, ID with a wheel line, which is a sprinkler system that moves through the field stopping about every 60 feet for the next riser. This system is a perfect option for a Jain 5024 Sprinkler.

Plowing the ground and getting it ready for the next crop.

A capture of pumpkins ready to be picked in the Gilroy, CA area.

A nice crop of lettuce in Dome Valley (outside of Yuma). This area is also referred to as the “Winter Vegetable Capital the World”.

Grain bins in East Idaho after a light snow flurry.

Canals are engineered and built to supply surface water from lakes and reservoirs to local areas to irrigate their crops.

A Cuban bakery in Tampa, FL continues a long tradition of using palm leaves in their Cuban bread to add taste and humidity.

Soon to be covered in snow, Hershey Pennsylvania is seeing an end to their corn season.

Cold weather in some states is pushing skateboarders inside, here Dylan Perry dodges the ceiling and winter in Pensacola, FL.

Landscape lighting is being used more and more to highlight architectural elements, this house is starting to see winter in Salt Lake City, UT.

Rochester New York ranks number one in the most snow for a major city in the United States with nearly 100 inches a year.

Paris tramways have been retrofitted with subsurface drip irrigation and turf to reduce sound and surface heat.

The Oregon high plains get there last weeks of sunlight before the snowfall.

Larch Mountain Trail A week before fire that destoryed this area.

Weather Station at the Vierra Brothers almond orchard in Maxwell CA

Kings Creek Meadow in Lassen Volcanic National Park

Harvesting the last row of grapes at Serra Vineyards in Applegate OR

Zinfandel Grapes in the Lodi Ca are ready for harvest.

Detail of the Spaceship Earth building at Epcot Center, Disneyland

Tour guide sharing about the process immigrants went through when coming through Ellis Island

Getting closer to harvest grapes.

A great looking vineyard crop on the California Coast.

A great sunset in the Valley of Fire just outside of Las Vegas.

Large hay bale with the Grand Tetons in the background

Drip irrigation provides water and fertilizer to this uniform onion crop.

Idaho wheat harvest at sunset.

There were over 250,000 acres of cotton planted in 2017. Drip irrigation is becoming a great option for growers looking to increase water-use-efficiency.

With water restrictions still underway in Southern California landscapers are looking for creative ways to save water while still maintaining aesthetically pleasing designs.

This is a lookout from San Diego’s Point Loma. Loma is the Spanish word for hill and the original name of the peninsula was La Punta de la Loma de San Diego, translated as Hill Point of San Diego.

Now that the storms have settled down for the season Miami can get back to what its good at, providing a great suntanning environment.

A brewery in Kernville uses it’s water from the beer making process to irrigate it’s native landscape.

Pictured here is a tributary moving the last of this years snow melt down into Lake Isabella.

Vineyards in France get ready for the colder part of the year by draining irrigation lines and covering the ground around roots.

Northern California fires are blanketing vineyards and subdivisions, smoke can be seen into the Kern River Valley almost 400 miles away.

Having a pressure compensated drip irrigation product is critical when farming on uneven terrain or hillsides.

Did you know that some large straw bales can weigh up to 2,000 lbs.?

Another uniform tomatoes crop grown with drip irrigation.

Another satisfied onion grower admiring his crop grown with Jain Turbo Tape.

Drip irrigation is an important factor in getting the best quality from your crop.

Onions grown with Chapin BTF (Basic Turbulent Flow) in Ontario, Oregon.

Wrapping up the carrot harvest in the Central Valley of California.

The Louvre in Paris once served as the royal palace, now it the largest art gallery in the world.

Photographers prepare as the change of season finds it’s way to higher elevations in Southern California.

Martha Berry College in Rome GA toutes the record of the largest outdoor campus in the US.

Ian Gow tries out his gloves for the first time this year in St Louis MO.

Washington DC is seeing the last of the leaves fall from the trees before winter. Here the Hill Center gets ready for an event.

Canola fields outside of Calgary get ready for their last bloom.

Finley Bridge in Medicine Alberta prepares for a long winter of snow and ice.

Lettuce is a cool-season crop grown primarily with sprinklers and drip irrigation.

A field of drip irrigated processing tomatoes almost done with harvest.

A trencher in the field for some post-harvest work.

This pistachio field in Sutter County is getting closer to harvest.

A drip irrigated fennel field getting close to harvest.

This crop of blueberries is grown with substrate and drip irrigation to provide the exact amount of water and fertilizer to the crop.

99% of all commercial artichokes are grown in California.

In the heart of Fresno CA, virgin plastic is extruded into irrigation supply tubing. The heat created to melt the plastic stems from compression not heating elements.

Hotel room view of the 18th at Carnoustie. Most people don’t know that NATO Forces train close to the course making gun shots and explosions an all day occurrence.

Madrid Spain government building.

In between hurricanes Dylan Perry found cover long enough to skate an old car dealership in Tampa, FL.

American flags were posted on tee boxes at this years annual SDASLA golf tournament-Maderas Golf Club, Poway CA.

Pistachios at a Fresno State facility come towards the end of their cycle.

A very well kept site in Del Rey CA is producing nuts after 21 months, a rare feat with Almond trees. The sites growth and production is attributed to good water management.

This wheat crop is ready for harvest.

This drip irrigated California vineyard is getting closer to harvest.

An East Idaho potato crop from earlier this summer.

A red onion crop was just hand-harvested in the Salinas Valley. This field was grown with a Chapin Drip Tape product to deliver precise amounts of water and nutrients directly to the crop.

A field of processing tomatoes (primarily used for tomato sauce and ketchup) is wrapping up the harvest in this field.

99.9% of the commercial strawberries in California are grown with drip irrigation as the primary method of irrigation.

This drip irrigated California vineyard is getting closer to harvest.

South beach and the rest of FL braces for what’s the be a brutal hurricane season. Pictured here is the boardwalk on South Beach where adjacent hotels will be boarded up for the next couple weeks.

Thunderstorm clouds build up over Texas prior to Hurricane Harvey, Harvey dumped a record 72” of rain in three days.

Flying in and out of Reno, NV this time of year can be a bumpy experience with the 105 degree heat coming out of the valley.

While Nebraska may be covered in corn and soybean crops these fields create beautiful foregrounds for sun rises and sunsets.

Sunrise in Elgin Nebraska prior to the MidPlains Ag Irrigation Field Day.

Spectators watch and listen while new technology is presented at MidPlains Ag Irrigation Day.

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