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Hiking up Smith Rock near Bend, Oregon

Overlooking the fall colors of Serra Vineyards in Applegate, Oregon

Evening row on the Williamette River in Portland, Oregon.

Trail above Multnomah Falls in the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon.

View of Punch Bowl Falls in the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon.

Pumping water in rice field of Butte County, California.

Hiker on the Tamanawas Falls Trail near Mt. Hood, Oregon.

A winter wheat field (Planted in the fall and harvested in the spring) received its first light snow in Eastern Idaho.

Alfalfa being irrigated in Rexburg, ID with a wheel line, which is a sprinkler system that moves through the field stopping about every 60 feet for the next riser. This system is a perfect option for a Jain 5024 Sprinkler.

Plowing the ground and getting it ready for the next crop.

A capture of pumpkins ready to be picked in the Gilroy, CA area.

A nice crop of lettuce in Dome Valley (outside of Yuma). This area is also referred to as the “Winter Vegetable Capital the World”.

Grain bins in East Idaho after a light snow flurry.

Canals are engineered and built to supply surface water from lakes and reservoirs to local areas to irrigate their crops.

A Cuban bakery in Tampa, FL continues a long tradition of using palm leaves in their Cuban bread to add taste and humidity.

Soon to be covered in snow, Hershey Pennsylvania is seeing an end to their corn season.

Cold weather in some states is pushing skateboarders inside, here Dylan Perry dodges the ceiling and winter in Pensacola, FL.

Landscape lighting is being used more and more to highlight architectural elements, this house is starting to see winter in Salt Lake City, UT.

Rochester New York ranks number one in the most snow for a major city in the United States with nearly 100 inches a year.

Paris tramways have been retrofitted with subsurface drip irrigation and turf to reduce sound and surface heat.

The Oregon high plains get there last weeks of sunlight before the snowfall.

Larch Mountain Trail A week before fire that destoryed this area.

Weather Station at the Vierra Brothers almond orchard in Maxwell CA

Kings Creek Meadow in Lassen Volcanic National Park

Harvesting the last row of grapes at Serra Vineyards in Applegate OR

Zinfandel Grapes in the Lodi Ca are ready for harvest.

Detail of the Spaceship Earth building at Epcot Center, Disneyland

Tour guide sharing about the process immigrants went through when coming through Ellis Island

Getting closer to harvest grapes.

A great looking vineyard crop on the California Coast.

A great sunset in the Valley of Fire just outside of Las Vegas.

Large hay bale with the Grand Tetons in the background

Drip irrigation provides water and fertilizer to this uniform onion crop.

Idaho wheat harvest at sunset.

There were over 250,000 acres of cotton planted in 2017. Drip irrigation is becoming a great option for growers looking to increase water-use-efficiency.

With water restrictions still underway in Southern California landscapers are looking for creative ways to save water while still maintaining aesthetically pleasing designs.

This is a lookout from San Diego’s Point Loma. Loma is the Spanish word for hill and the original name of the peninsula was La Punta de la Loma de San Diego, translated as Hill Point of San Diego.

Now that the storms have settled down for the season Miami can get back to what its good at, providing a great suntanning environment.

A brewery in Kernville uses it’s water from the beer making process to irrigate it’s native landscape.

Pictured here is a tributary moving the last of this years snow melt down into Lake Isabella.

Vineyards in France get ready for the colder part of the year by draining irrigation lines and covering the ground around roots.

Northern California fires are blanketing vineyards and subdivisions, smoke can be seen into the Kern River Valley almost 400 miles away.

Having a pressure compensated drip irrigation product is critical when farming on uneven terrain or hillsides.

Did you know that some large straw bales can weigh up to 2,000 lbs.?

Another uniform tomatoes crop grown with drip irrigation.

Another satisfied onion grower admiring his crop grown with Jain Turbo Tape.

Drip irrigation is an important factor in getting the best quality from your crop.

Onions grown with Chapin BTF (Basic Turbulent Flow) in Ontario, Oregon.

Wrapping up the carrot harvest in the Central Valley of California.

The Louvre in Paris once served as the royal palace, now it the largest art gallery in the world.

Photographers prepare as the change of season finds it’s way to higher elevations in Southern California.

Martha Berry College in Rome GA toutes the record of the largest outdoor campus in the US.

Ian Gow tries out his gloves for the first time this year in St Louis MO.

Washington DC is seeing the last of the leaves fall from the trees before winter. Here the Hill Center gets ready for an event.

Canola fields outside of Calgary get ready for their last bloom.

Finley Bridge in Medicine Alberta prepares for a long winter of snow and ice.

Lettuce is a cool-season crop grown primarily with sprinklers and drip irrigation.

A field of drip irrigated processing tomatoes almost done with harvest.

A trencher in the field for some post-harvest work.

This pistachio field in Sutter County is getting closer to harvest.

A drip irrigated fennel field getting close to harvest.

This crop of blueberries is grown with substrate and drip irrigation to provide the exact amount of water and fertilizer to the crop.

99% of all commercial artichokes are grown in California.

In the heart of Fresno CA, virgin plastic is extruded into irrigation supply tubing. The heat created to melt the plastic stems from compression not heating elements.

Hotel room view of the 18th at Carnoustie. Most people don’t know that NATO Forces train close to the course making gun shots and explosions an all day occurrence.

Madrid Spain government building.

In between hurricanes Dylan Perry found cover long enough to skate an old car dealership in Tampa, FL.

American flags were posted on tee boxes at this years annual SDASLA golf tournament-Maderas Golf Club, Poway CA.

Pistachios at a Fresno State facility come towards the end of their cycle.

A very well kept site in Del Rey CA is producing nuts after 21 months, a rare feat with Almond trees. The sites growth and production is attributed to good water management.

This wheat crop is ready for harvest.

This drip irrigated California vineyard is getting closer to harvest.

An East Idaho potato crop from earlier this summer.

A red onion crop was just hand-harvested in the Salinas Valley. This field was grown with a Chapin Drip Tape product to deliver precise amounts of water and nutrients directly to the crop.

A field of processing tomatoes (primarily used for tomato sauce and ketchup) is wrapping up the harvest in this field.

99.9% of the commercial strawberries in California are grown with drip irrigation as the primary method of irrigation.

This drip irrigated California vineyard is getting closer to harvest.

South beach and the rest of FL braces for what’s the be a brutal hurricane season. Pictured here is the boardwalk on South Beach where adjacent hotels will be boarded up for the next couple weeks.

Thunderstorm clouds build up over Texas prior to Hurricane Harvey, Harvey dumped a record 72” of rain in three days.

Flying in and out of Reno, NV this time of year can be a bumpy experience with the 105 degree heat coming out of the valley.

While Nebraska may be covered in corn and soybean crops these fields create beautiful foregrounds for sun rises and sunsets.

Sunrise in Elgin Nebraska prior to the MidPlains Ag Irrigation Field Day.

Spectators watch and listen while new technology is presented at MidPlains Ag Irrigation Day.

Crisp streams are important when providing precision irrigation, shown here is a JAIN Jet nozzle at 500th of a second.

Lettuce is a major crop in the Salinas Valley that is usually planted from Feb – Jul and harvested May through Oct.

Early morning hikes down to the Walton Lighthouse in Santa Cruz, CA are the best!

Early morning activity in the Salinas Valley.

Jain Smart Jet irrigating a crop of newly planted lemons.

Have you ever walked across the Golden Gate Bridge?

Chapin Deluxe Is a great option for vegetable or strawberries; especially when water quality is a concern.

Looking forward to the day when GeneSys (Variable Rate Sprinkler) is on every one of these.

Wildflowers can be found all over the countryside. Not only are they a beauty to the landscape, they provide food and habitat for many birds and insects.

Drip irrigation will deliver each vine the exact amount of water and fertilizer needed to grow an excellent crop.

A newer vineyard planting with the majestic Mt. Hood in the background.

A short hike up to Upper Latourell Falls in Oregon and was amazed at the amount of flow coming over the top from a heavy snow pack from last winter.

These grain silos will hold this year’s wheat crop for bulk storage.

Potatoes from earlier this spring. Drip irrigation is an excellent choice to grow potatoes. The trick is to get the drip tape placement just offset from the potato seed piece to not overwater the tubers and make for easier retrieval at harvest.

One of the last wheat fields to be harvested in Idaho. This wheat field will be followed up with a drip irrigated onion field for next spring.

The sun is up and power is raging through area solar panels! Solar technology has come a long way and installers are finding new ways to keep sites aesthetically pleasing.

Once the royal hunting ground for royalty, this park-the largest in Madrid, is now an expansive public park complete with a greenhouse from a 19th century World Fair.

Believe it or not libraries do still exist and this great looking building in downtown Houston shines brighter than ever.

South Texas has seen it’s fair share of natural disasters over the years, this abandoned house in Portland has seen more bad days than good.

The French Riviera is no mystery to tourists during the summer. In the small coastal city of Bandol fishing ships bring back the days catch to sell to passerbys.

A monastery guard tower sits on an elevated point in Avignon France.

Things are heating up in Southern California and not just because of the temperature. Huntington Beach hosted the US Open of Surfing and the Vans Skate Series Contest last weekend to a record 110,000 people in attendance.

Great onions get their start with a great drip irrigation system. This crop is irrigated with Chapin Drip Tape from Jain Irrigation.

Idaho potatoes planted in spring of 2017.

Precision irrigation begins with a great drip irrigation system designed for any topography.

A great harvest of drip irrigated onions from the growing season of 2016.

Grapes grown in the Columbia Basin with the latest drip irrigation technology.

This golden Idaho wheat field will be ready to harvest in a couple of weeks.

California almonds making great progress -- they will begin harvest in September and go through October.

4th of July weekend brought tourists and locals out to the Ventura Pier to celebrate independence and great summer weather.

Geese have migrated back to their home land for the nice summer weather. The geese stand guard over an Ohio State University building.

Flowers are in full bloom outside of Avignon France.

A midwest visit brought smiles to our faces when we found the abundance of personal and school gardens.

Water has been flowing from the ground and creating caves in Cave Spring Georgia as long as humans have existed in the area. This adjacent wading pool has visitors of all ages enjoying the cool water.

Texas and the South have been seeing large amounts of rain but heat and humidity are still to come. National sites like the Alamo are no exception to excessive rain.

Here a school in Columbus, Ohio teaches children the importance of irrigation and tending to your crops.

Modeled after liquid mercury, Cloud Gate sits in Chicago’s Millennium Park.

Roses prefer water directly to their root base and drip irrigation is ideal for this application method. Pictured are roses in a Madrid garden reliant on point source emitters and emitterline for water delivery.

Huntington Beach is another vacation mecca for beach goers from our Northern Canadian guests.

Warm air in the desert is harnessed using large wind farms in El Centro, CA.

Tourists flock to Southern California beaches in the summer and La Jolla is arguably the capital of San Diego beach traffic.

The city heats up in July, Chinatown NYC.

Highland cattle calves in Hershey, PA graze during dusk.

Every row of trees is designed with Top Drip Emitterline to provide the exact amount of water and fertilizer for each tree.

Drip irrigation technology has revolutionized onion production in the US. This field is irrigated with Chapin Drip Tape.

A planting of rice from last season at sunset. A lot of interest in drip irrigation for rice to help increase yields and maximize water and fertilizer efficiency.

Drip irrigated sunflowers in Woodland, CA. This is a common rotation crop for processing tomatoes in California agriculture.

A field of mature almonds in Northern CA – the perfect orchard for a conversion to double-line drip or micro-sprinkler.

Photo – Courtesy of Kris Nightengale - An innovative way for evaporative cooling from high above with the Jain Fogger for apples in the PNW.

Evaluating a field of onions and the drip irrigation technology that waters the crop.

A field of almonds in blossom irrigated with the 2002 Micro Irrigation Sprinkler from Jain Irrigation.

Double line drip in blueberries with Amnon Emitterline to deliver the exact amount of water to each plant.

A healthy crop of Idaho Potatoes planted in early May. Tip -The average American eats around 113 pounds of potatoes each year.

A disease-free method of growing berries without fumigation. The key for success is to use a PC drip irrigation hose with a CNL emitter for frequent pulse irrigation sets.

A newly developed vineyard supplied with Jain Top Drip to deliver precise amounts of water to each plant.

A 10-acre California citrus grove irrigated with the Jain Smart Jet for optimal irrigation coverage.

Eastern Idaho has finished their 1st cutting of alfalfa (Hay). They will get three harvests due to the shorter growing season.

Keeping water below the surface maximizes water use, for this reason many contractors are turning to sub-surface drip irrigation for turf in warmer climates.

Encinitas, California is the flower capital of the world because of it’s mild climate during the year. Allowing visitors to witness blooms throughout the year.

Snow caps burn off for the summer in the southern Sierra Nevada mountains near Big Bear, CA.

Hwy 285 through tornado alley in Colorado offers beautiful vistas this time of year.

Seattle is coming up on it's dryer part of the year. Tourists looking for sunshine in the Pacific Northwest can visit Seattle and check out the Gehry Pop Museum.

Temperatures in Pauma Valley are getting up into the 90’s this week. Growers make sure their irrigation is up and running for the hot months ahead.

With California under a constant state of drought, boutique cafe’s like this one in Carlsbad, CA offer patrons a look at creative succulent designs.

Washington cherries only 30 days from pure perfection!

High water flows cascading over the “Niagara of the West” at 21,000 cfs will supply water to many growers for this cropping season.

Farmers are always implementing great AgTech tools such as drip irrigation to deliver precise amounts of water and fertilizer to their crops.

Good water flow at Horseshoe Bend that is located just 5 miles south of the Glen Canyon Dam having a current water elevation of 3,625-ft.

A fresh picked crop of green onions is on its way from this farm to your plate.

The season is almost at an end with the sweetness of the California cherry crop.

California almonds experience approximately 30 days of blossoms from Feb - Mar where each fertilized flower will eventually turn into an almond.

Vancouver British Columbia from Stanley Park on a mild morning. Vancouver has become a design mecca for green roofs and green walls.

Drought conditions in Bakersfield, CA have forced contractors to be more creative with their irrigation techniques. Subsurface drip irrigation pokes through the soil prior to turf going down.

Appearing before bees did, the flowers on a Magnolia tree are theorized to have evolved to encourage pollination by beetles. This giant grows in Balboa Park San Diego, CA.

Lake Isabella in the Southern Sierra Nevada mountains has seen stable water levels since the Spring rains.

Nick Martin of Kern Lawn Borders installs a low volume manifold at a brewery that uses it’s processed water for landscape irrigation.

Desert tour guides are gearing up for the warm weather. Here a guide shows a group how fast flammable Firecracker Cactus lights up.

With temperatures rising a lot of hillside greenery will be burning off the Southern California hills.

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