Why Puresense?

Puresense delivers the most accurate and easy to use crop management system.

A History of Innovation

Puresense is the industry leading farm data solutions division of Jain Irrigation. Jain has been an innovator of drip and micro irrigation products for 30 years. The combination of Puresense’s powerful software analytics and Jain’s robust irrigation equipment ensures our customers are using the latest technology to assist their farm management needs.

Save Time, We'll "CRUNCH" the Data

There are many companies that produce crop data but don’t provide the tools to truly understand it. Puresense provides instant analysis and reporting to support critical decisions that drive yield and reduce waste.

On the Go

Reacting quickly to changing crop conditions is crucial to every farming operation. Puresense built a stable connectivity platform for our customers to receive their crop performance information. This information is accessible on any mobile device with an internet connection.

Come Home to Puresense

Is your current irrigation monitoring system or remote farm management solution not meeting your expectations? Due to Puresense’s flexible software platform we can integrate with most service provider’s field equipment. There are economical equipment conversion packages available, please inquire at puresense@jainsusa.com

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