Soil Moisture Monitoring

Irrigate with confidence while monitoring water and nutrient use.

Probes & Sensors

Sensors should match crop and soil moisture conditions. Puresense offers a versatile selection of probes and sensors, providing the right tool to fit your irrigation strategy, soil type and crop.

Capacitance Probes

Capacitance probes have become a standard for monitoring soil moisture because of their broad range of applications. Capacitance probes are configured in lengths from 6” to 60” including up to 15 sensors which can fit almost any monitoring need for agricultural crops. Most models read soil moisture and soil temperature at each sensor level and are available with the option to read soil salinity.

Recommended for regulated deficit irrigation (RDI) strategies.


Tensiometers fit best in crops where soil moisture conditions are kept at higher moisture levels. Use is common in crops such as berries and vegetables A benefit of tensiometers is once installed, information on moisture conditions is available normally within a day.
Operating range of 0 and -85 centibars

Note: Using tensiometers for regulated deficit irrigation (RDI) is not recommended. Regular field maintenance is required to replace the water and vacuum in the tensiometer.

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