About Puresense

Puresense is the field monitoring technology growers trust. Puresense delivers real-time data from sensors in the field to any internet connected mobile device, tablet or computer in an easy-to-use and intuitive interface. From soil moisture monitoring to evapotranspiration forecasting and irrigation scheduling, Puresense is the only water management software farmers need to achieve more crop per drop. 

Soil Moisture Monitoring

Take the guesswork out of irrigation. Soil moisture monitoring is a core component of Puresense. Soil moisture monitoring provides valuable information about what is happening below the surface of the soil. It provides confidence irrigations are meeting your crop needs without wasting important inputs like water and nutrients. 

Agronomic Tools / Widgets

A wide variety of tools create charts from field data and raw numbers, create useful information helping you make faster and more powerful decisions. 

Irrigation Scheduler

Managing your irrigation schedule shouldn’t be another time-consuming task in a busy day. Take the guesswork out of your irrigation decisions. The irrigation scheduler provides a simple way for growers to create a weekly irrigation schedule by irrigation set. It integrates directly with notifications, so growers can easily share schedules electronically or in hard copy with staff. 

Data Management

Puresense provides robust soil moisture and field condition monitoring data that is reliable and secure. Puresense provides analysis and presentation tools allowing you to use your field data to simplify irrigation decisions.  

Why Puresense?

Puresense has spent over a decade going beyond simply providing data. Our system goes a step further to analyze the data then put it in a format that helps our customers better manage resources and increase crop yield. 

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