Jain Solo Field Station

The Jain Solo Field Station is a tough, compact, stand-alone monitoring platform for farming infrastructure. Solo connects through either AT&T or Verizon mobile networks and is available in a range of kit solutions for easy, DIY installation. 


Discover Jain Solo Features

Choose the Solo if you want a very compact telemetry platform for independent monitoring needs.

Soil Moisture Monitoring

Irrigation Scheduling

Flow Monitoring

Valve Status

Tank Monitoring

Alerting & Alarms


The Jain Solo Field Station is powered from an integrated lithium battery and solar PV panel. Manufactured using a reinforced, UV stable and impact resistant polymer the Solo enclosure is designed to be deployed in the harshest of conditions. With an integrated antenna and innovative in-pole sensor cable routing the Solo is simple and quick to install.

Jain Solo Field Station

The Jain Solo Field Station can be paired with a soil moisture probe and pressure sensor for moisture monitoring or purchased as a DIY kit for tank level monitoring or in-field camera use.The perfect choice for stand-alone locations needing a compact robust field station.


Great for situations where you need a compact simple station to monitor a field camera, tank level, flow meter or soil moisture probe and pressure sensor.

Kits & Bundles


SOLO Tank Level Monitoring Kit

• Continually checks tank levels.
• High quality ultrasonic sensor is accurate and unaffected by water quality.
• Alerts on low/high water levels.
• View water level history graphs


SOLO Camera Kit

• The Jain V1 Camera features a robust design in an all weather camera.
• Still image photos.
• Photos on timer or on command.
• Photo history


Support for a Wide Range of Sensors

• The SOLO supports a versatile selection of probes and sensors for monitoring all types of field conditions
• This allows selecting the right tool to match your crop and monitoring needs.
• Probes from AquaCheck, EnviroPro, Sentek and HSTI.
• Soil Moisture sensors from Decagon and Stephens.
• Flow Meters and many others.
• All data sent to Jain Logic™ software making analysis and decisions easy.

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