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4 Reasons Your Greenhouse Needs A Turbo Fogger

Fog is an excellent alternative to mist for germination and propagation in greenhouses for many reasons. It provides a more uniform wetting across the plants in your greenhouse. It achieves deeper penetration into the foliage, it is more efficient and has lower maintenance costs. It doesn't take much management to keep the humidity high and not saturate your growing medium. It is also excellent for cooling.

As air temperatures build in greenhouses water loss from the plants can exceed the amount of water the plants can take up. Using fog in this situation lowers air temperature, increases the humidity of the air, and does not saturate the growing mediums exposing them to fungi, moss, and gnats.

The Jain Turbo Fogger can also be used outdoors in orchards. Growers have success outdoors with foliar fertigation, pesticide and fungicide applications. There is a huge time saving because it only takes 10 -15 seconds for an application. Nozzles are flushed after every spray. Unused chemicals are captured, and there is a much lower operating cost than traditional orchard applications.

Turbo Fogger Applications


  1. Evaporative Cooling
  2. Propagation
  3. Pesticide Application
  4. Fungicide Application


  1. Evaporative Cooling
  2. Foliar Fertigation
  3. Pesticide Application
  4. Fungicide Application


Design A Turbo Fog System

Turbo Fog systems are relatively easy to design for growers familiar with irrigation. You first need to select a nozzle size based on your droplet size requirement. Jain has excellent diagrams (Download 1) (Download 2) to help you with the process. Next, you need to determine the number of nozzles required. Calculate the air flow and water flow requirements and select a compressor that will provide the desired pressure.

Requirements For A 40’ x 30’ Greenhouse

Using a reference chart, we determine we need 30 nozzles to maintain 85% humidity. Also we need 35 psi of water pressure and 30 psi of air pressure. By also consulting our chart we see we need a compressor producing 14.42 cubic feet per minute. We built a 15% safety factor into this calculation.

You can watch Jain Turbo Fogger work below.

As we look daily for better solutions for irrigation, the Jain Turbo Fogger is at the top of the list for many growers. The ease of use which reduces labor costs and the increase in growth make this a favorite solution. This is just one of the many precision irrigation solutions Jain Irrigation Inc developed. You can read more about them on the blog. We welcome your comments and suggestions below, and please let us know if you need help designing your next system. 

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