Last week we launched a new technology app for you. It is another step in our master plan to support you (the awesome water managers) and conserve our most precious resource, water. The JAIN technical library is the best source for all brochures concerning precision irrigation. You will fin..
Product platform combines Puresense and Observant products Provides new infiltration rate chart giving growers the ultimate tool for managing water and fertilizer within the root zone Supports flow meter monitoring and associated water reports directly sent to water districts Tuesda..
Fresno, May 16, 2017: Update to our announcement dated April 18, 2017. We hereby inform that Jain Irrigation Systems Limited (“JISL”) through its multi generation wholly owned subsidiary in the United States of America (“USA”) has completed acquisition of 80% stake in two of the United States’ l..
Leading irrigation dealers, Agri-Valley Irrigation, Inc. and Irrigation Design and Construction, Inc. merge in a transaction funded by Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. ..
Observant technology, capabilities and core team join global Precision Irrigation leader. Acquisition furthers Jain’s leadership by extending field monitoring and control capabilities and enhancing data-based decision-support tools. FRESNO, CA – Jain Irrigation, Inc., (“Jain”), today an..

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